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September, 2017



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Use the full power of Apple’s Augmented Reality to play Lila’s Tale: Stealth. Play with this adventure stealth game in your living room! Guide Lila, a little girl trapped in a strange place, with your phone and be smart to avoid enemies’ sight while collecting coins and retrieving the key to successfully leave each dungeon. Lila’s Tale: Stealth will make you explore the potential of AR while having hours of fun. From the developers of Lila’s Tale, a Virtual Reality immersive and artistic game that won 6 prizes and nominations.


Lila’s Tale series is a story about caring. The player is invited to care about Lila, by guiding her and making her feel strong enough so she can complete her goal and go on. She is a 12 years old girl who’s afraid of the dark but, with the help of the player’s light, she finds inner will to face the darkness and find her brother again.


  • Use Augmented Reality to explore all the secrets of each dungeon.
  • Place Lila anywhere you want to start playing
  • Guide Lila with your phone
  • Stay out of sight, don’t let the Shadow Enemies see you!
  • Collect coins and trade them for upgrades or for new hats
  • Take screen shots with Lila


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (12MB)


Selected Articles

  • "I have to admit that I did hope for more innovative gameplay in AR That being said, there are plenty of good things to say about the game as well, including the charming art-style, captivating music, the beautifully detailed visuals, solid level design, a lovable main character, and overall fun gameplay and AR interaction."
    - , AR Critic

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About Skullfish Studios

With more than 4 years focused on working with VR, AR and several games launched during the partners’ career, Skullfish was formed with the goal of creating highly comfortable and immersive games and experiences on the best platforms available in the market.

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Lila`s Tale: Stealth Credits

Rafael Ferrari
Lead programmer

Gabriela Thobias
Art Director

Mariana Luiza
Concept Art

Jose "Jota" Junior

Thomas S. Leme
Game Designer

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