With more than 4 years focused on working with VR, AR and several games launched during the partners’ career, Skullfish was formed with the goal of creating highly comfortable and immersive games and experiences on the best platforms available in the market.


Early history

Skullfish Studios is a game company very well experienced on VR and AR and game in general, located in São Paulo, Brazil, that was founded in September 2016 by Rafael Ferrari and Gabriela Thobias (13 years and 7 years of experience in gaming industry, respectively). Both founders had already worked with a lot of games during their career, releasing around 50 games summed up, and they had been already working with Virtual Reality at Black River Studios (a brazilian based Samsung Research Institute) for three years before they decided to start Skullfish. In January 2017, at the very beginning of our company, we received the investment and acceleration of Gamefounders, one of the biggest mentors of gaming companies in the world. During this 3-month period of mentorship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we had improved our knowledge, our company and also made great contacts. Due to this acceleration, our company also is half Estonian.

After that

The studio is responsible of making more than 20 projects varying between Virtual Reality Augmented Reality, PC and mobile. Currently, with our team of 8 people, we are working in some projects: one for PC and Console, which is a mix of RTS + 3rd person action game, and the other one for mobile, an idle game (with AR support) based on a brazilian Comic Book, called Mayara and Annabelle. We are also working on expanding Lila’s Tale IP for platforms, mobile and consoles.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist at Indie Pitch Arena at GMGC" - Beijing, 2017
  • "Winner as Best Game Art Indie Prize at Casual Connect Asia" - Singapore, 2017
  • "Nominated as Best Game Design Indie Prize at Casual Connect Asia" - Singapore, 2017
  • "Nominated as Best VR Game Indie Prize at Casual Connect Asia" - Singapore, 2017
  • "Selected as Made with Unity at Unite Europe" - Europe, 2017
  • "Nominated for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect USA" - Seattle, 2017
  • "Nominated as Best VR Game at Festival de Jogos at SB Games" - Curitiba, 2017
  • "Nominated as Best Booth at Festival de Jogos at SB Games" - Curitiba, 2017
  • "Finalist as Best Game at Level UY" - Montevideo, 2017
  • "Nominated as Fan Favorite at GDWC" - 2018
  • "Nominated as People Choice’s Award at 15th Global IMGA" - 2019

Selected Articles

  • "17 Brazilian startups developing the future of video games"
    - Mariana López, Contxto

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Rafael Ferrari

Gabriela Thobias

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